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Changes to your light bulb packaging from 1st September 2010

Changes to your light bulb packaging from 1st September 2010

From 1st of September 2010 you will start to notice some changes in the packaging of light bulbs when you next  buy them.

 This is because of a change of Legislation within the EU that means   improved information now has to be provided about the bulbs on the packaging..

 One of the requirements is to make the light output (measured in lumens) or "how bright is my light?" more prominent  than the energy used (measured in watts, which has been the measure historically shown on  light bulb packaging).

 The reason for this is that with the increasing energy efficiency of newer light bulb types it will make it easier for you understand their brightness relative to your old light bulb. It is important that you experience more or less   the same amount of light   from your new products as you were used to with your old ones.

 Link :

 To help you understand the background in more detail, please also refer to the website provided by the EU Commission which gives more information on this specific issue and also more generally on the background to the phase out of the old inefficient light bulbs. You can find this here:

 The Lighting Industry Federation fully supports this initiative to further improve consumer understanding of the newer, more energy-efficient light-bulbs being introduced to the market and will continue to update information on this subject via its website