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The importance of good quality Emergency Lighting Equipment

Products and services complying with ICEL requirements are designed to be effective in a building emergency, especially when the normal mains supply fails, when fast panic-free evacuation is absolutely  essential.

This is why UK legislation demands reliable, good quality emergency lighting to ensure that escape routes are properly illuminated so that people can see to get to a place of safety.

Premises owners and managers are responsible for ensuring that their emergency lighting systems adequately protect building occupants.

Therefore, it is imperative that the initial specification of the products and system design meets the highest standards.

This will then support the “responsible person” under the Fire Safety Order which requires the “responsible person” in a building to ensure that the building continues to be “safe”.

He does this by carrying out an annual risk assessment and rectifying any deficiencies found by the assessment.

Take the risk out of specifying emergency lighting by specifying ICEL Members’ products!